Rajiv Vij
Life & Executive Coach

Client Testimonials

“I had a very positive coaching experience with Rajiv. His powerful questioning led me to think deeply about the issues and triggered my exploring new ways. Positive reinforcements along the way helped me evolve new insights. Through his focus on self-discovery, I had higher conviction in my solutions, found new strengths and had a high sense of satisfaction with the results.”

Harsh Mariwala, Chairman, Marico Limited

“Every coaching session with Rajiv was energizing and revealing. Through the coaching journey, my “self-awareness” has improved significantly and I am comfortable with who I am. Consequently, I am more effective in my leadership role and a happier person.”

Raman Ramachandran, Head South Asia, Chairman & Managing Director, BASF India Ltd

“I took on a new role that was larger in scale and complexity from what I had previously done, that also required me to lead change. Rajiv helped me navigate that process through a journey of self discovery and assessment. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to perform the role without his guidance and for that I am eternally grateful.” 

Kevin Gibson, Chief Investment Officer Equities, Eastspring Investments (Prudential)

Rajiv is an intuitive, reflective and outstanding coach. He has great listening skills, not only to what you say but also to what you don’t say. Always consistent and objective, he offers solid tips on how to increase transparent communications with the aim of getting better understanding all around. As such, I enjoyed my every session with him. Truly, a wonderful man and coach!”

Ed Ng, President Director and Group CEO, PT Gunung Sewu Kencana, Indonesian conglomerate 

“Rajiv as a coach is like a mirror. He enables a journey of self discovery based on excellent listening, empathy and deep insights. The 18 months with Rajiv have helped me prioritise my life goals and work on my leadership development. It’s been an amazing self transformation process.” 

Rajesh Jejurikar, President Farm Equipment Sector and Member Group Management Board, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd 

“I wonder why I did not start my sessions with you earlier. These twelve sessions with you have been just amazing. I am wondering about how I have changed so much. My effectiveness at work has improved, am much calmer, have learnt to work with my colleagues in a way that I never did before, and have rediscovered my family. I cannot thank you enough for all of that.”

Global Head, Client Operations, Global Financial Services Firm

“I found my coaching sessions with Rajiv extremely enriching. At a professional level, our discussions helped clearly identify one of my biggest challenges and build a structured approach to improving the situation.  Interestingly the challenges we discussed were not necessarily professional in nature but also touched on bigger issues and more personal development. I am very grateful for the help Rajiv provided in talking through these challenges and feel that he has left me with a good framework for continuous self-improvement and self-reflection.”

Claude Harbonn, Managing Director, Head of Investment Consulting, South East Asia, Credit Suisse

“After 36 years with the same company, out of which nearly half as President and Member of the Board of Directors, I was struggling with what to do in my ‘second innings’. That’s when I met Rajiv. He helped me make the right decision and I have never felt so happy in my life. Rajiv is a Master of both the Art and Science of Coaching. I have benefited immensely from his coaching and I am sure so will others.”

Arun Nanda, Non-executive Director, Mahindra & Mahindra

“I acknowledge you for your commitment, perseverance and the coaching process. A year after we commenced working together, I now look back and marvel at the powerful life changes effected through the journey. Much of this would have been difficult without the clarity and conviction that emanated from our discussions.”

Sanjay Gupta, Former Indian Business Head, American Express

“Rajiv Vij has been working with our Asia Pacific senior leadership team as an executive coach since the last three years. Our experience of working with him has been really good & those coached have been very happy with his approach & methodologies and have grown in their leadership effectiveness, interpersonal skills and other behavioral aspects. Rajiv has developed an interesting style of coaching which is tailor-made to our needs & his understanding of executive mindset has been very good.”

Chairman – Asia Pacific, Leading Global Technology Company

“A few years ago when I was at a crossroads, I found Rajiv. He opened a new world in my life. One in which there was that one person I could talk to, who would listen. One in which our conversations created insights, new thinking and clarity. And one in which thoughts are translated into actions that are guided and monitored for the desired results. Rajiv also inspired me to be a life coach myself. Thank you…”

Daniel Yun, Veteran Singapore Filmmaker, Principal at ERC Institute School Of Acting

“I had coaching with Rajiv as part of a leadership development program. During the entire process he challenged and inspired me to look into myself to find and work on the obstacles holding me back. He helped me reach a deeper understanding of my purpose and goals while also enabling me with tools which I could use in my daily leadership. He did this with a lot of humility, kindness, humour  and wisdom. It’s a comfort to know that I’ve got someone like Rajiv on my side. I really enjoyed and appreciated the coaching experience.” 

Kim Yeoh, Chief Actuary, Prudential Life Assurance Indonesia

“I worked with Rajiv for a period of several months in order to achieve three primary goals. I found that I far exceeded my goals, changed vital habits and have become much more effective in my business but especially my life. Our meetings became the highlight of my week and I can’t express enough how impactful the time spent with Rajiv was.”

Bobby Harris, President & CEO, BlueGrace Logistics, USA

“I had just turned 40 and was contemplating the “Next 10 years” of my professional life. Rajiv is a gifted listener, coach and an enabler. Thank you for helping me find myself and a very powerful calling. I continue to work long hours and very hard, but every moment is joyful as I learn and teach, lead and follow – a rich and rewarding life in ways that matter!”

Priya Viswanath, former CEO, Charities Aid Foundation, India

I found the time I spent talking with Rajiv to be very productive. His analysis and comments are rooted in logic and the solutions he suggests are both intuitive and simple. Rajiv has a very empathetic and non judgemental style and encourages self exploration and introspection to arrive at your goals. I would strongly recommend working with Rajiv as it helped greatly to clarify my own thought process.

Naina Batra, CEO, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)

“Working with Rajiv was a gift. Professional and structured in his approach; more importantly perhaps, his thoughtfulness around creating space to practice balance and spiritual connection proves that he understands what it takes to help individuals perform, and ultimately, lead. I recommend working with Rajiv for anyone encountering questions big or small about accomplishing more with or in their lives.“

Molly Alexander, Head of Talent Development, Acumen, USA

“Rajiv is an excellent coach and a wonderful person to work with. He showed great patience and gentleness as he helped me see the places in myself, where I am holding myself back. Our conversations helped me go beyond the places I was stuck with and look at my challenges from a different perspective.”

Vipin Thek, Associate Director, Ashoka Youth Venture

The Book: Discovering Your Sweet Spot

As Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” In a society increasingly driven by the manic pursuit of externally visible rewards, Rajiv’s recently released book […]

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Rajiv addressed 150 of our top leaders in a recent leadership event. He is an effective presenter whose personal experience of coaching senior leaders gives him an authentic voice on the subjects of personal leadership, personal mastery and personal purpose. The issues he puts on the table are ones that any senior leader should be thinking about.

Mark Gainsborough, Executive Vice President, Global Commercial, Shell