Rajiv Vij
Life & Executive Coach

Values and Needs Lists

Further to the discussion on this topic in my book, and to facilitate your determination of your core values and needs, below are two lists for your reference – one of key values and the other of key needs.

Reference List of Key Values

  • Accomplish/ Achieve/ Effectiveness/ Impact
  • Ambition/ Drive/ Challenge/ Endurance/ Energy/ Intensity/ Perseverance/ Resilience
  • Growth/ Progress/ Dynamism/ Lead/ Win/ Succeed
  • Giving/ Compassion/ Empathy/ Contribution/ Generosity/ Kindness/ Selflessness
  • Making a difference/ Significance/ Influence/ Meaning
  • Excellence/ Perfection/ Mastery/ Expertise
  • Attractiveness/ Classy/ Elegance/ Grace
  • Experience/ Spontaneity/ Variety/ Diversity/ Vitality
  • Enjoyment/ Amusement/ Pleasure/ Ecstasy/ Fun
  • Abundance/ Affluence/ Comfort
  • Security/ Stability/ Freedom/ Independence
  • Relationships/ Family/ Connect/ Friendship/ Collaboration/ Loyalty
  • Forthrightness/ Candor/ Correctness/ Credibility/ Fairness
  • Integrity/ Honor/ Self-respect/ Dignity/ Truth
  • Responsibility/ Commitment/ Determination/ Discipline/ Duty
  • Reliability/ Dependability/ Order/ Structure/ Trustworthiness
  • Religion/ Faith/ Chastity/ Virtuosity/ Devotion
  • Spirituality/ Awareness/ Consciousness/ Enlightenment
  • Happiness/ Contentment/ Gratitude
  • Education/ Knowledge/ Learning/ Wisdom
  • Flexibility/ Adaptability/ Open-minded
  • Adventure/ Risk/ Explore/ Boldness/ Courage
  • Calmness/ Composure/ Humility/ Modesty
  • Certainty/ Clarity/ Precision
  • Watchfulness/ Diplomacy/ Discretion/ Harmony/ Prudence/ Self-control
  • Creativity/ Imagination/ Dreaming/ Originality
  • Balance/ Moderation/ Economy/ Efficiency
  • Coach/ Encourage/ Teach/ Guide/ Enable


Reference List of Key Needs

  • Learn/ Grow/ Challenge/ Compete/ Lead/ Initiate/ Create/ Build
  • Affluence/ Comfort/ Wealth/ Enjoy/ Pleasure/ Fun/ Humor/ Variety/ Vitality
  • Respect/ Dignity/ Self-respect/ Integrity/ Honor/ Truth/ Justice
  • Recognition/ Understood/ Listened/ Appreciated/ Liked/ Remembered/ Approval
  • Honesty/ Forthrightness/ Credibility/ Fairness/ Accountability/ Responsibility
  • Succeed/ Accomplish/ Achieve/ Win/ Power/ Control
  • Impact/ Influence/ Make a difference/ Significance/ Grow/ Meaning
  • Teach/ Guide/ Encourage/ Coach/ Enable
  • Efficient/ Economic/ Effective/ Consistent
  • Perfect/ Virtuous/ Right
  • Clarity/ Closure/ Decisiveness
  • Beauty/ Style/ Fashion/ Art/ Elegance
  • Flexibility/ Adaptability/ Open-mindedness
  • Love/ Connect/ Relationships/ Family/ Friendship/ Collaborate/ Loyalty
  • Expertise/ Mastery/ Excellence/ Dominate
  • Spirituality/ Self-awareness/ Self-realization/ Consciousness/ Enlightenment
  • Education/ Knowledge/ Learning/ Wisdom
  • Religion/ Faith/ Trust
  • Security/ Stability/ Autonomy/ Freedom/ Independence
  • Adventure/ Risk/ Explore/ Boldness/ Courage
  • Happiness/ Contentment/ Peace/ Harmony/ Balance/ Fulfilment
  • Discipline/ Duty/ Conform/ Deference/ Decorum/ Modesty
  • Calm/ Composure/ Humility/ Sensitivity/ Discretion/ Prudence/ Self-control
  • Creativity/ Imagination/ Originality/ Innovation/ Self-expression/ Spontaneous
  • Reliable/ Dependable/ Trustworthy/ Commitment/ Obedience

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I had a very positive coaching experience with Rajiv. His powerful questioning led me to think deeply about the issues and triggered my exploring new ways. Positive reinforcements along the way helped me evolve new insights. Through his focus on self-discovery, I had higher conviction in my solutions, found new strengths and had a high sense of satisfaction with the results.

Harsh Mariwala, Chairman and Managing Director, Marico Limited