Rajiv Vij

Life & Executive Coach

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Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering Need Not Be

Five years ago, I found myself laid up in bed for a severe backache. The exact diagnosis was unclear and the advice from the medical practitioners (and that available freely online) was very confusing. For the most part, the pain was unbearable. It was hard for me to sleep and […]

The Book: Discovering Your Sweet Spot

As Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” In a society increasingly driven by the manic pursuit of externally visible rewards, Rajiv’s recently released book not only underscores the need for greater purpose in our lives, but also elaborates on the inner journey of self-discovery that can help […]

After 36 years with the same company, out of which nearly half as President and Member of the Board of Directors, I was struggling with what to do in my ‘second innings’. That’s when I met Rajiv. He helped me make the right decision and I have never felt so happy in my life. Rajiv is a Master of both the Art and Science of Coaching. I have benefited immensely from his coaching and I am sure so will others.

Arun Nanda, Non-executive Director, Mahindra & Mahindra