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Video: Success and Happiness, The Three Lessons I Learnt

Watch Rajiv’s TED-style talk, titled ‘Success and Happiness: The Three Lessons I Learnt’, delivered recently at IIMPACT 2016, a global conference of pan IIM Alumni.

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Corporate Guru Pens Book On Experiences

Remember Rajiv Vij, the former Franklin Templeton honcho-turned-executive coach? Vij, who has been training some of Asia-Pacific’s top business and public personalities to discover and perform to their full potential, has now penned the experiences in a book called “Discovering Your Sweet Spot“. Based in Singapore, Vij quit at the peak of his corporate career in 2006 when he was the MD of Franklin Templeton’s Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Eastern Europe region -to start a new chapter, teaching how to lead a holistic life. Vij’s clients now include Coca-Cola, HSBC, Mondelez, Tatas, Aditya Birla and the Mahindra Group.

Rajiv Vij on Facebook

rajiv vij on facebook
Rajiv Vij on Facebook

Rajiv Vij is now on Facebook. Follow his page for a regular dose of inspirational messages and quotes, soulful articles and videos and an opportunity to engage with like-minded community of people in their journey towards greater fulfillment, success, balance and happiness.